ALD 2021 Fall Pediatric Health Symposium October November
Functional Airway is the Cornerstone of Growth and Development
6 CE Sessions 12 CEUs Available Live and On Demand

ALD is hosting the second ALD Pediatric Health Symposium, spotlighting The Power of a Functional Airway for Correct Breathing, Growth and Development. Join experts in pediatric health to discuss the importance of correct breathing and how an open airway contributes to a child’s overall health, growth, and development. The presentations will focus on Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Myofunctional Therapy, and why Restricted Tethered Oral Tissues (RTOTs) affect infant brain development and other body systems.


This series of presentations will help you to appreciate how Functional Airway is the cornerstone of health. You will learn medical treatments for pediatric obstructive sleep-disordered breathing and two secondary (adjunctive) intervention strategies. Understanding the central role of the tongue function in craniofacial growth and development and the relationship between tongue-tie, lingual hypotonicity, and orthodontic alterations will lead to more precise surgery and predictable outcomes.


The invited speakers are internationally well-known for their expertise and knowledge in pediatric airway management.


Educational Objectives

  • Learn to screen for potential obstructive sleep apnea in infants and toddlers. (Dr. Heit)
  • Understand why and when myofunctional therapy must be done with laser frenectomies. (Joy Moeller)
  • Understand why RTOTs affect infant brain development and other body systems. (Dr. Kotlow)
  • Describe the interrelationships and functioning of the entire airway complex. (Dr. Price)
  • Understand the developmental and functional challenges which lead to airway disorders. (Dr. Price)
  • Identify at least three signs of sleep-disordered breathing in a child. (Dr. Boyd)
  • Understand the central role of the tongue function in craniofacial growth and development. (Dr. Olivi, Cheu, and Luedemann-Lazar)

Attendees can earn up to 12 CEUs for attending all of the sessions.







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