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ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course - Casablanca, Morocco
Saturday, January 07, 2023 8:00 AM EST to Sunday, January 08, 2023
Category: Lecture & Hands-On

ALD Standard Level Certification Course

Date: January 7-8, 2023

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Instructor: Dr. Walid Altayeb


The standard level course in laser dentistry is a prerequisite for all dentists, nurses, dental assistants and dental hygienists to handle any kind of LASER devices. It provides a basic level of education in LASER usage and includes specific device instruction with demonstrated proficiency in didactic and hands-on knowledge. LASER safety is an important issue and all those who are involved in LASER dentistry must be equipped with the knowledge of the wavelengths, user settings, care and maintenance of the device. Further, international bodies governing laser safety issues require all organizations housing laser devices to have a certified laser safety officer. This course provides all the required knowledge and documentation for laser safety officers. Apart from general considerations in LASER practice, specific uses of LASERs in various fields of dentistry will be discussed along with tips on LASER practice management. The Standard Level Course is the basic level of education in dental laser usage, including specific laser proficiency and laboratory knowledge. Candidates for the Standard Level Course must demonstrate a basic understanding of all wavelengths via a multiple-choice examination and an oral clinical simulation exam, with at least one wavelength.


Educational Objectives

The 12 hours of CE laser utilization includes:

1. Outline basic laser physics

2. Explain the biologic laser tissue interaction

3. Demonstrate the clinical applications of lasers in different dental fields

4. Select between different laser wavelengths

5. Utilize the recommended standards in laser safety

Sponsored by: Charismadent


Contact Phone: +216 775135665,  775135666


Contact Website: https://createsend.com/t/j-014B62886544509C2540EF23F30FEDED

Contact Email: [email protected]


Additional Information:

Walid Altayeb, DDS, MSc, PhD
Fellow & Master of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

•          Dr. Altayeb received his dental degree from Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University in 1998

•          He completed his Master of Science in Periodontics in 2004 and Doctorate of  Philosophy PH.D in

           Periodontics in 2007

•          Master of Academy of Laser Dentistry, Florida, USA 

•          Academy of Laser Dentistry Board of Directors and ALD Speakers Bureau

•          A speaker in many conferences in Middle East, Europe, and USA in the fields of Periodontal    Medicine

           and Laser Dentistry

•          He is running “Pink Aesthetics & Laser Dentistry” courses with the British Academy of Implant and

           Restorative Dentistry in Middle East and North Africa

•          Dr. Altayeb achieved Advanced Proficiency certificates of Academy of Laser Dentistry

•          Guest Professor, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Istanbul Ayden University, Istanbul, Turkey

•          Lecturer in Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma, Italy

•          Guest Professor, UNIVERSIAPOLIS The International University of Agadir, Agadir, Morocco

•          Dr. Altayeb received The John G. Sulewski Distinguished Service Award / 2019 of ALD

•          General Secretary of ALD

•          The founder and chair of ALD Gulf Laser Chapter

•          Past Chair of ALD International Relations Committee

•          The founder of Laser section in the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry and the founder of the                                  Professional Diploma in Advanced Laser Dentistry of BAIRD

•          General Secretary of iLED 2018 and iLED 2019 conferences

•          Dr. Altayeb is working in private as periodontist and Implantologist in:

o          Tamim Dental Polyclinic, Doha, Qatar

o          Magic Style Dental Clinic, Dubai, UAE