Treating TMJ with Dr. Grace Sun's PBM Mapping Technique

By Dr. Grace Sun

Dr. Grace SunWhen treating TMD, it is important to recognize the TMJ as a part of a larger system. As dental professionals we are well suited to treat TMJ, as orofacial-and-dental components are major contributing factors to TMD. Before rendering tx, proper diagnosis is requisite. The TM joint is comprised of multiple components and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Most TMD symptoms are of myofascial origin, treatment modalities for which can be addressed by a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches, including pharmaceuticals, PT, PBM light therapy, acupuncture and trigger point treatment.


Multiple studies have verified PBM as an effective short-term therapeutic modality for myofascial TMD pain (cited below). Acupuncture is effective in treating TMD patients with myofascial pain (cited below); the principals of which include activating the meridian system. The body’s meridian system is housed within the myofascial tissues (connective tissues), and meridian points are located within the most abundant regions of these tissues (on the surface or insertion site of the muscle). TMD symptoms often originate from the myofascia, they can be addressed by activating specific meridian points, or acupoints. These acupoints can be activated with focused physical manipulation, as well as PhotoBioModulation (PBM) light therapy. In this mapping technique demo video, Grace Sun, DDS combines PBM and meridian system activation to manage TMD symptoms.




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Treating TMJ with Dr. Grace Sun's PBM Mapping Technique from Academy of Laser Dentistry on Vimeo.

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