ALD Hits Grand Slam with Virtual Fall Symposium on PBM New Solutions with Light Therapy

By Gail Siminovsky, CAE, ALD Executive Director

October was Photobiomodulation month for the Academy of Laser Dentistry. The Symposium brought together over 140 attendees, 3 industry partners and 8 PBM experts to share the excitement and pioneering leadership in dentistry. New uses of light therapy to treat pain, providing relief for patients suffering from chronic pain, oral mucositis and other chemotherapy side effects, brain trauma, and varieties of facial pain were presented.


Attendees enjoyed 7 presentations and the closing panel discussion rounding out the symposium’s 4 learning objectives: to understand the science and dosage parameters of PBM, to recognize what dental procedures can be successfully carried out with PBM, to learn how to manage pain for your patients with PBM, and to learn what devices can be used for PBM in a dental practice. The scientific approach ALD takes to learning new applications for light therapy is highly encouraging. ALD members seek to learn to lessen pain and suffering and improve healing.


Figuring out how to best deliver CE for our members is challenging”, said Gail Siminovsky, CAE, ALD’s executive director. “We are thrilled that partnering with Map Dynamics, in providing the virtual platform, was smooth and easy for our attendees. We were able to provide an engaging first experience and on-demand recordings. This was our first try and we hit a grand slam because of our fabulous team: Donna Rell, Fern Carbonell and Jay Galante, our student intern from Florida State University.


On-demand recordings are available to registered attendees here.


Many thanks to the ALD President and Symposium Moderator/Speaker, Dr. Ed Kusek and speakers, Dr. Juliana Barros, Dr. Shalizeh Patel, Dr. Arun Darbar, James Carroll, Annette Quinn, RN, Dr. Mel Burchman, and Dr. Gerry Ross who gave their time and expertise for 2 hours every Wednesday.



Special thank you to our sponsors Biolase, Thor and Ultardent. Industry representatives participated in the learning each week and in a sponsor showcase.


ALD brings the laser community together to share new techniques and solutions for dentists and patients. The 2020 Fall PBM Symposium is just one example.


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