Why Certify? Why does it matter? What makes the ALD Standard Level Certification Course – A Certificate Program a robust program?

By Gail Siminovsky, CAE - ALD Executive Director

Dentists and hygienists that complete ALD’s Certificate Program are better grounded in foundational knowledge to guide their clinical

decisions when treating patients and here’s why.


The ALD Standard Certifications program is peer-reviewed, has digital and in-person components, and provides hands-on training by seasoned clinicians. The comprehensive nature of this laser certificate course is designed for the entire dental team, and dental schools for 3rd and 4th year dental students and postdocs, too. The examination is psychometrically validated and reviewed every 3 years. ALD Certification comes with a 1-year ALD membership with access to videos, safety refreshers, and a host of benefits to boost your practice.  


You CHOOSE.  That’s the thing:  You get to choose.  


Ask yourself: 

  1. What makes one program different than another?  
  2. What’s the source? 
  3. Is it credible?  
  4. If it’s credible, what’s the purpose?  
  5. Is the purpose credible and authentic?  

You decide the source of the educational knowledge you choose to pursue. What is most credible to you?  




The program provides a strong foundational understanding of laser physics, laser tissue interaction, characteristics of various laser wavelengths, clinical case studies, laser safety, regulatory information, and a live hands-on portion. 


Beginner, refresher and advanced courses are offered by ALD in Dallas, April 2023. 


Find out more here.


Then What? What programs are available for advanced learners?

Move forward to our Fellowship/Mastership Program to further demonstrate your skills.  This structured program is both online and live-in person, includes your participation with clinical case studies and clinical hands-on participation in specific applications.  Find out more about ALD certificate programs here.


About the ALD Program

ALD certification is a professional certificate program that ALD offers to individuals who demonstrate knowledge and experience in standard and advanced aspects of lasers in dentistry.  These programs allow individuals to demonstrate that ALD recognizes them as a skilled professional in laser dentistry. Completing an ALD certification course can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, attract new patients, and improve patient and team satisfaction.
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