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As we continue to advance the field of laser dentistry and promote excellence in patient care, we are excited to announce an exceptional opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and contribute to our growing community of knowledge.


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Laser-Assisted Subgingival Restorative Dentistry

By Mohamed Eldernawi, BDS, ALD member, ALD Fellowship

One of the most difficult cases in restorative dentistry is the deep subgingival caries in Class II and Class V cavity preparations. The subgingival location of the caries makes it difficult to clean without trauma to soft tissue that will lead to bleeding which is difficult to control and sometimes causes a delay in treatment by postponing the restoration to another visit so the dentist can work in a dry field.

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Lasers Can Improve Dental Practice Productivity

Dental lasers have become increasingly popular tools in dental practices due to their ability to offer precise and minimally invasive treatment options for various dental procedures. While the exact impact on practice production can vary based on the specific circumstances, there are several ways dental lasers can contribute to improving practice production.

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Elevate Your Dental Practice with ALD Group Laser Certification Program

In the ever-evolving field of dentistry, staying ahead of the curve is essential for professionals who strive for excellence in patient care and practice growth. One area that has revolutionized dental treatments is the use of lasers and light-based technology. Laser dentistry offers numerous advantages, from improved clinical outcomes to increased patient satisfaction. If you're looking to take your dental practice to new heights, the ALD Group Laser Certification Program is the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and expertise in this cutting-edge field.


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Treating TMJ with Dr. Grace Sun's PBM Mapping Technique

By Dr. Grace Sun

When treating TMD, it is important to recognize the TMJ as a part of a larger system. As dental professionals we are well suited to treat TMJ, as orofacial-and-dental components are major contributing factors to TMD. Before rendering tx, proper diagnosis is requisite. The TM joint is comprised of multiple components and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Most TMD symptoms are of myofascial origin, treatment modalities for which can be addressed by a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches, including pharmaceuticals, PT, PBM light therapy, acupuncture and trigger point treatment.

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ALD Advocacy Activities

In May, ALD's advocacy projects for lasers in dentistry reached State Boards and OSHA with solutions to aerosol production that can occur in the dental environment. ALD also provided guidance on petitions and emails in support of Hygienists use of lasers in Florida. ALD will participate at the in-person workshop by the Florida State Board of Dentistry on May 21 in Orlando. The results follow.
Email to State Boards and OSHA State Agencies
  • Sent to 97 emails
  • Open rate: 49%
  • Click through rate: 57%
  • View the message here.

The Florida Petition for Laser Use by Dental Hygienists was submitted to the Florida Board of Dentistry office on May 5, 2021 in advance of the May 21, 2021 Laser Workshop meeting in Orlando when this board will address the rule before it regarding laser use by hygienists.
The petition was signed by 1,321 individuals and is sorted by:
  • FL Licensed Dentist (217 signers)
  • FL Licensed Dental Hygienists (777 signers)
  • FL Consumer (228 signers)
  • Dental Professional outside FL (38 signers)
  • Left box blank (61 signers)
The Florida email campaign had a final participation of 601 individuals who sent 603 emails (two individuals sent two emails)
Emailcollaboration with Florida Dental Hygiene Association
  • Sent to 2794 hygienists and dentists in the US
  • Open rate: 37%
  • Click through rate: 9%
  • View the message here.

2021 - A Year to Lift Each Other Up

By Gail Siminovsky, CAE - ALD Executive Director

I hope you are all safe and well. For me and my family, we are well and leaning on one another with love and support. I became a new grandma on January 3 with the arrival of my grandson, so all is good when we can celebrate life. I approach every day with a positive outlook. My day starts very early with quiet thinking about how I can spread joy and be helpful to you and the ALD community. Lifting each other up in ways that help our patients and help each other is ALD’s focus for 2021. I invite you to JOIN US as we all experience new ways to communicate, learn, live, care, and spread love in our world.

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Laser Education Return on Investment (ROI) Series - Part I

By Aric Sven and Moriah Sven

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Nothing Makes Dentistry More Fun Than a Respiratory Virus Causing a Global Pandemic and PPE Shortage!

By Laurene K. Duke, DDS

Uncertainty has been the mantra for me during these COVID times. I willingly shut my practice as the California governor asked us all to do in March. It seemed to be for only a few weeks. I usually take a vacation of 6-8 weeks per year and closing for a few weeks was not an issue for me. Since the stay at home order was in place, I did not travel (my planned trip was cancelled) and I could take this time to revamp a few protocols for aerosols and get back to seeing patients. WOW!! This was not the case as we all know. I did not even suggest my staff go on unemployment for the first few weeks, thinking it would be a short shut down and I could manage the payroll. So many unforeseen circumstances have led to these uncertain COVID times.

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