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ALD Member Spotlight: Dr. Debra Occena Sablada

Dr. Debra Occena Sablada, Davao City, Philippines

I am an oral surgeon with a hospital-based practice, AND a certified peer lactation counsellor. I’ve been doing tongue and lip tie releases, among other procedures, for the past 20 years. Being based in a Third World country definitely poses challenges in terms of investing in lasers, being trained, and offering procedures as a viable option to my patients. However, I decided to go with the BEST treatment option for my patients, and not to worry about recouping investments and remunerations, and got my first laser, a 10W Diode Laser, in 2020.

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ALD Member Spotlight: Dr. Robin Horton

The Member Spotlight this month is on Dr. Robin Horton. Dr. Horton is a dentist based in Harpenden, United Kingdom where he runs a very busy practice, Wayside Dental Practice. In this member spotlight we find out how his enthusiasm for lasers started and why it continues, how lasers have benefitted his practice and his patients. Although not mentioned in the article, Dr. Horton is also an avid cyclist and will be taking on Mount Ventoux in Southern France in June! Photos shared below. Keep reading to get to know Dr. Horton. 


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