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ALD Award Recommendations

Make and award recommendation by
December 15, 2019

Make your 2020 recommendations by December 15, 2019, by clicking on the links below.

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is accepting recommendations for three awards honoring leaders in the field of lasers in dentistry. This is your opportunity to honor those who have contributed so much to our commitment to improving the health and well-being of patients through the proper use of laser technology. Please be a part of this process by nominating anyone you feel has greatly contributed to our mission.

Please select any of the award links below to gain access to the online nomination form which includes a full description of each award.  A list of previous honorees follows below on this page.

Many of the members of the Academy of Laser Dentistry submerge themselves in the dynamics of laser dentistry on a day-by-day basis. They put in long days at the office serving their patients, and in their "free time" dedicate themselves in even deeper ways. They spend time in research, developing new treatment techniques, writing journal articles, teaching at seminars, mentoring colleagues, and spending countless hours volunteering on Academy committees. They do this without the thought of being given an award. It is up to us to recognize their contributions.

This year's Awards Committee will convene and evaluate your nominations.

  • Dr. Mel Burchman, Chairman, President-Elect
  • Dr. Charles Hoopingarner, Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Sebastiano Andreana
  • Mr. John Sulewski
  • Gail Siminovsky, CAE, Executive Director

The awards will be announced electronically by January 15, 2019. Award recipients will be honored at the ALD 2019 Annual Meeting during the Presidents Awards Ceremony and Reception in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole Dallas.

2018 Award Recipients

In 2018, ALD honored ALD members: Dr. Scott Benjamin received the 2018 John G. Sulewski Award Distinguished Service AwardDr. John Graeber and Mary Lynn Smith, RDH both received the 2018 Leon Goldman Award for Clinical Excellence.

2017 Award Recipients

In 2017, ALD honored ALD members: Dr. Arun Darbar received the 2017 John G. Sulewski Award Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Beatrijs Deruyter received the 2017 Leon Goldman Award for Clinical Excellence.

Dr. Mitch Lomke Dr. Arun Darbar Dr. Beatrijs Deruyter


2016 Award Recipients


In 2016, ALD honored ALD members: Dr. Glenda Payas received the 2016 John G. Sulewski Award Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Gerald Ross received the 2016 Leon Goldman Award for Clinical Excellence and Dr. Georgios Romanos received the Dr. T.H. Maiman Award for Excellence in Dental Laser Research.

Dr. Mitch Lomke Dr. Claus Neckel

For additional information and recent award recipients, click here. Feel free to contact the Dr. Mel Burchman, the Awards Chair, or any committee member with any questions.

Need additional information? We welcome your comments directly by phone at (954) 346-3776 or email to

Past award recipients of each award are:

The T.H. Maiman Award
Dr. Joel White 1993; Dr. Lynn Powell 1995; Dr. Richard Blankenau 1996; Dr. Terry D. Myers 1998; Dr. Peter Rechmann 1999; Dr. Frederick Parkins 2000; Dr. Akira Aoki 2001; Dr. John Featherstone 2002; Dr. Craig Gimbel 2003; Dr. Linda Otis 2006; Prof. Raimund Hibst 2008; Prof Dr. Daniel Fried 2009, Dr. Wayne Selting 2011, Dr. Sebastiano Andreana 2012; Dr. Georgios Romanos 2016; Dr. Juliana Barros 2019; Dr. Shalizeh "Shelly" A. Patel, 2019 

The Leon Goldman Award
Dr. Kim Kutsch 1993; Dr. Robert Pick 1995; Dr. Steven Parker 1998, Dr. Donald J. Coluzzi and Dr. Robert E. Barr 1999; Dr. Janet Hatcher Rice 2000; Ms. Nora M. Raffetto, RDH 2001; Dr. Duane H. Beers 2002; Dr. Gabi Kesler 2004; Dr. Glenn van As 2006; Dr. Frank Yung and Dr. Giovanni Olivi 2007; Dr. Stu Coleton 2009; Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai 2010, Dr. Giuseppe Iaria 2011, Dr. Mel Burchman 2012, Dr. Larry Kotlow and Dr. Fred Margolis 2014, Dr. Claus Neckel 2015; Dr. Gerald Ross 2016; Dr. Bea Deruyter 2017; Dr. John Graeber 2018; Ms. Mary Lynn Smith, RDH 2018; Dr. Nuran Çulcuoglu 2019

The John G. Sulewski Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Stewart Rosenberg 1993; Dr. Scott Brundrett 1995; Mr. John Sulewski 1996; University of California, San Francisco 1997; Dr. David M. Roshkind 1998; Dr. Alan J. Goldstein 1999; Dr. William Siminovsky 2000; Dr. Stuart Coleton 2002; Dr. Donald Patthoff 2003; Dr. Tony Hewlett 2004; Dr. Joel White 2005; Dr. Donald Coluzzi 2006; Dr. Art Levy 2007; Dr. Lester Burman 2008; Dr. Dennis Pietrini 2009; Dr. Steven Parker 2010,  Dr. Charles Rhodes 2011, Dr. Emile Martin 2012, Dr. Robert Convissar 2013, Ms. Angie Mott, RDH 2014, Dr. Mitch Lomke 2015; Dr. Glenda Payas 2016; Dr. Arun Darbar 2017; Dr. Scott Benjamin 2018; Dr. Walid Altayeb 2019 

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