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Laser-Focused Questions with Keith Brewster, DDS

Dr. Keith Brewster, ALD member in Dallas, provides his insight on the importance of dental laser education in Texas and his experiences attending ALD meetings.

LFQ-KeithBrewsterDDS Dr. Keith Brewster, ALD member in Dallas, provides his insight on the importance of dental laser education in Texas and his experiences attending ALD meetings.

Introduction: Dr. Keith Brewster is an ALD director-at-large and serves as the co-chair of the regulatory affairs committee. He holds Standard Proficiency Certification in both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths and achieved ALD Fellowship honors. Dr. Brewster operates a high-tech laser practice in downtown Dallas. Who better to ask about ALD 2019 and why ALD laser certification is of particular importance to Texas dentists and hygienists?

ALD: ALD 2019 is coming to your hometown. Are you excited?

Dr. Brewster: It’s exciting to see dental meetings coming to Dallas. The quality and caliber of upcoming meetings includes the AAID. Regarding the ALD’s Dallas meeting, the need for laser education in Texas is high because Texas has passed laser use regulations and has determined that the recommended CE requirements for both dentists and hygienists are 12 hours, which includes 3 hours of hands-on training.

The curriculum for ALD 2019 has been tailored to help fulfill these needs, which require that the dentist must have equal 12 CEUs or more to be able to provide supervision to properly certified hygienists who use lasers in the practice. ALD 2019 will also have Laser Safety Officer Training to fulfill that requirement. I believe more states will follow the same CE requirement guidelines in the future.

ALD: There are some other laser conferences that have cropped up in recent years. Why is the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Annual Conference still recognized the world over as “Dentistry’s Laser Meeting?”

Dr. Brewster: The Academy of Laser Dentistry is a scientifically-based organization that brings internationally-recognized speakers to lecture. These experts cover a wide spectrum of subject matter and wavelengths throughout the meeting.

There are also several of the world’s leading manufacturers that participate. ALD is increasing the hands-on portion to help with education requirements for advanced recognition in by several dental education groups like AGD and AAID.

ALD: Could you explain the advantage of receiving ALD-sanctioned laser training and certification compared to that offered by other individuals and groups?

Dr. Brewster: The guidelines that Texas adopted were based on those suggested by the ALD. Dr. Scott Benjamin and I attended three Texas State Board of Dental Examiners meetings to answer any questions that the board had.

In my opinion, Dr. Benjamin is one the most knowledgeable dental laser practitioners in the world. He is also involved with the laser curriculum in several dental school programs around the country. Therefore, the ALD continues to lead the way in providing the objective education and hands-on experience required to help clinicians better understand clinical laser applications and achieve the best clinical outcomes for their patients.

ALD: What are the penalties for non-compliance with this TSBDE regulation?

Dr. Brewster: It’s not just about avoiding TSBDE penalties but ensuring safety and the best clinical outcomes for the patient. If used correctly, with knowledge and clinical experience, laser procedures can be performed with better healing and less post-operative complications.

ALD: What has ALD proficiency training meant to you and your practice?

Dr. Brewster: When I started with my first laser, the manufacturer included ALD guidelines for education and proficiency level qualification. The first ALD meeting I attended gave me an opportunity to meet some of the world’s best educators and make many great friendships that have expanded to my attendance at international meetings.

ALD: Why should ALD training and certification be the first choice for any practitioner of laser dentistry no matter where they are located?

Dr. Brewster: With 12 hours of CE that includes 3 hours of hands-on workshops, you’ll gain invaluable scientific background, clinical concepts, and hands-on experience. You’ll not only fulfill the basic requirements to begin your laser use, you’ll also have a solid foundation to continuously learn about and perform more advanced laser procedures in the future.

I hope to personally greet and welcome you during ALD 2019, April 4-6, in my hometown, Dallas, Texas. Register today!
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ALD Staff 2018-08-10
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