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Dr. Gerry Ross: Photobiomodulation Expert & Advocate

Dr. Gerry Ross is member of the ALD Board of Directors and chairs the Academy’s Certification Committee. He’s been practicing general dentistry for 48 years. Dr. Ross has been using lasers in his practice since 1992 and has been utilizing photobiomodulation (PBM) since 1993 to reduce pain and promote healing.

ALD Staff 2019-07-19

Laser-Focused Questions with Tanya Dunlap

Tanya Dunlap, PhD is the Managing Director at Perio Protect, LLC an ALD Gold Sponsor that markets a comprehensive treatment method customized for individual patients to help manage biofilms growing in periodontal pockets. We recently caught up with Tanya to discuss the Perio Protect Method and how it compliments laser therapy used in treating periodontal disease.

ALD Staff 2019-05-29

Laser-Focused Questions for ALD President Dr. Mel Burchman

Dr. Mel Burchman was installed as the president of the Academy of Laser Dentistry during its recent conference and exhibition in Dallas.

ALD Staff 2019-04-30

LFQs: Laser-Focused Questions with Christine Koski, CEO of ProBiora Health

Christine Koski is the CEO of ProBiora Health™, LLC, a company that develops and markets a complete line of proprietary probiotics that are specifically formulated to enhance oral health for people and pets. ProBiora Health is an ALD Gold Sponsor and will be exhibiting during the ALD’s annual meeting, April 4th-6th in Dallas.

ALD Staff 2019-01-07

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