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ALD Webinar Series - Dentistrys New Secret Weapon: PBM

The newest secret weapon in the dentist’s arsenal is photobiomodulation (PBM) or low-level lasers. PBM uses the power of light to effectively heal tissue and reduce pain and it is nothing short of amazing!

PBM enables quicker recovery and opioid-free pain management for your patients, plus a new revenue stream for your practice.

Join internationally-renown PBM expert, Dr. Gerry Ross, as he explains the many applications of PBM such as post-surgical pain control, nerve regeneration, prevention and treatment of oral mucositis, treating TMJ and many more conditions that your patients may be coping with.

Dr. Ross will also provide valuable information regarding the underlying science behind PBM, proper PBM dosage, and which laser devices on the market are designed for PBM.

Your practice needs this amazing secret weapon and so do your patients.

Additional webinars will be announced as they are confirmed. Check your email, Facebook or click here for the most current offerings!

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ALD Staff 2019-06-19
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