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ALD Membership Categories

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DENTIST ($395).
Any practicing dentist, with a current unrestricted license shall be eligible to be an active Dentist member. A Dentist Member shall have full membership rights as recognized under customary parliamentary practice, including the right to attend membership meetings, to participate in discussion, to vote, to be a candidate for elective office and to accept appointment to committees.

Any dental professional whose sole or primary activity is academic instruction or dental research and is on staff of an institution with an accredited dental school program. Institutional Members have the same rights and responsibilities as defined for Dentist Members.

Any retired or disabled dentist who is no longer practicing dentistry is eligible for this category. Non-Practicing Members shall have full voting rights and are eligible for elective office. Non-Practicing Members have the same rights and responsibilities as defined for Dentist Members.

Any dental auxiliary who is interested in obtaining knowledge about laser dentistry. Associate Members are eligible to attend regular meetings of the Academy and accept appointment to Committees. Associate Members are not eligible to vote and are not eligible to hold executive office.

Any qualified health care professional, scientist, or physician not eligible for membership in other membership classes shall be eligible to be an Affiliate Member. An Affiliate Member shall have full membership rights except the right of voting and except the right to hold an elective office in the Academy.

STUDENT** ($50).
Any full-time registered student shall be eligible for Student Member status. Student members are eligible to attend regular meetings of the Academy and accept appointment to committees. Student Members are not eligible to vote and are not eligible to hold elective office.

Any for-profit and not-for-profit company that seeks information, affiliation, or interaction with the laser dentistry community shall be eligible for Corporate Member status. Corporate Members shall have membership rights as recognized under customary parliamentary practice. Corporate members are eligible to attend regular meetings of the Academy, but are not eligible to vote nor hold elective office. Separate application required. Click here for more information about corporate membership.

Membership Has It's Benefits - Join Today!

  • Laser Information Network    
    Connect with experienced laser dentists, in the U.S. and around the world, who can answer your clinical and procedural questions.
    To access the Laser Information Network (for Members ONLY), click here.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Journal of Laser Dentistry (JLD) subscription
    The JLD is published two times per year in full color, and offers continuing education credits in some issues.  It features 
    scientific articles and clinical case studies, research abstracts, developments in laser dentistry, practice management topics, upcoming laser events and Academy news.  Online archives are available to members only.
  • FREE Educational Online Videos     NEW!
    For a list of FREE Educational Online Videos (for Members ONLY), click here.
  • Certification Programs
    Significantly lower rates at the annual meeting for ALD’s certification program featuring Introductory, Standard Proficiency and Advanced Proficiency certification.
    For ALD's certification program at the annual conference, click here.

  • Award Recognition Programs
    -The Fellowship and Mastership Program honors members who have shown extraordinary commitment to the use of lasers in dentistry by awarding the designations of Fellow of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and Master of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. These designations are an acknowledgement of the significant efforts a member has made to achieve a high-level of knowledge about the application of lasers in dental science and patient treatment. Members obtaining these designations can be proud of their achievement and the Academy wishes to recognize their distinction within the professional dental community. For criteria, please click here.

    -The Standard Proficiency Recognition by Credential Program invites
     any WCLI fellow who becomes an ALD member in good standing to apply his or her WCLI Continuing Education credentials to the ALD for consideration and recognition.    
    For criteria, please click here.

  • Annual Conference Discounts & CEU's (Up to 25 Lecture & 15 Participation CEU's) - Attend ALD's Annual Meeting
    Significantly Lower Member Registration Rates for the Academy’s Annual Conferences, Featuring:
    1. Clinical and Scientific Sessions Encompassing Virtually All Dental Laser Wavelengths
    2. Standard Proficiency and Advanced Proficiency Certification Programs
    3. Manufacturer and Vendor Exhibitions
    4. Numerous Educational and Social Networking Opportunities
    5. Hands-On Workshops
  • Patient Education Brochures 
    Members receive significant discounts towards purchases of educational patient brochures which assist in teaching your patients about lasers in dentistry.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Find-A-Dentist (Patient Referrals Online)
    Internet listing, web page and patient referral service for member dentists on the Academy’s web site – so prospective patients around the world can find you! For the Find-A-Dentist Referral Page, click here.
  • Online Readily Available Position Papers, Statements on Laser Use, Clinical Case Studies and Clinical Tips
    For Position Papers, click here.
  • ALD Member Discounts with Select Corporate Members
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry Membership Certificate 
    Suitable for framing
  • Reduced Member Rates On Videotaped Clinical And Scientific Sessions From Past Conferences
  • Regulatory Agency Quick Links
    For Dental Regulations in the United States, click here.
  • Informative Membership Newsletter, Lightwaves.

*Member dues and benefits are subject to change.

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