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PRESS RELEASE: ALD Accepting 2018 Awards Nominations

ALD members have the opportunity to recognize colleagues for their dedication to the advancement of laser technology in dentistry

ALD Staff 2017-08-29

Member Spotlight Dr. Natalia Elson

Dr. Natalia Elson is a clinical instructor at New York University College of Dentistry. During ALD 2017 in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Elson shared her thoughts on be ing an ALD member and why she attends ALD's Annual Conference.

ALD Staff 2017-04-25

REPORT: Dentistry is a Profession in Transition

Research has shown that a broad set of factors intersected in the early 2000’s that started a decline in average dentist net income.

Lou Beltran [ Product Manager and Intelligence Marketing Manager ] 2016-03-21

How Dental Lasers Can Grow Your Practice

The landscape of today’s dental industry is rapidly evolving. Dental professionals are looking for technology investments that not only keep them current, but are able to drive significant practice growth.

Michael Cataldo CEO of Convergent Dental 2016-03-16

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