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Photobiomodulation Comprehensive Training - Live Virtual Training. Presented by GMA Laser Education
Saturday, November 06, 2021, 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST
Category: Virtual Learning

PBM "Virtual Hands-On" Comprehensive 1-Day Training - Presented by G.M.A. Laser Education
View Live Virtually or On-Demand
(This course fulfills the Part 2: Hands-on requirement for the Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Level Course).


Photobiomodulation Training and Certification Developed and Taught by Leading International Experts.   

A comprehensive 1-Day Course in PBM. Virtually hosted by Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Arun Darbar and Dr. Mel Burchman.


Course Details:

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021

Time: 11:00am - 9:00pm ET


PBM 1-DAY Training Fee: $250 (50% Discount)

*Attend Live or On-Demand. Fulfills Part 2: Clinical Simulation Training for the Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Level Certification Course.

More Details, go to: GMALaserEducation.com/training.



To register for the 1-Day PBM Training, please CLICK HERE.  

For questions concerning the PBM Virtual Course (Part 2), please contact GMA Laser Education directly:

Email: [email protected]

or visit: https://www.gmalasereducation.com/training 


This PBM Course fulfills Part 2 of the Standard Level Certification Course through the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

If you are interested in the Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Level Certification portion there is an additional fee of $275.  
The $275 Standard Level Certification Fee Includes: Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry Online Course (6 CEU), Part 3: Standard Level Online Exam (1 CEU) and a 1-Year Complimentary ALD Membership.  

Once you have secured your seat in this PBM Course, CLICK HERE to register for the ALD Standard Level Course Certification.



Dentists, *Dental Hygienists, and *Dental Assistants can all benefit from our courses and certification. This is a course you can immediately integrate in your practice. 

Those that attend this course can expect to learn the science behind Photobiomodulation Treatment (PBM).

Both you and your patients will enjoy less stress, making it a win-win for both of you!

You will learn how PBM treatment:

  • Lessens pain and therefore decreases the use of pain medications and Opioids. 

  • Can be used to treat facial pain

  • Can be used to treat TMJ/TMD 

  • Provide PBM Induced Analgesia decreasing the amount of injection anesthesia neededd

  • Promotes faster healing, improved wound healing with less complications making life easier for you and your patient

  • Requires less antibiotics, helping you comply with the new FDA Antibiotic Guidelines

  • Improve satisfaction or your orthodontic patients - move teeth faster with less pain 

  • Dental Hygienists will learn how to incorporate PBM into their daily patient protocols

  • Treat and prevent oral mucositis, and reduce the many side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in your cancer patients. 

This course fulfills the Part 2 "Hands On Course" requirement in the the ALD Standard Level Course in Photobiomodulation from the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

Learn More Here.

*If you are a dental hygienist, or dental assistant, G.M.A. Laser Education cannot advise you on which laser procedures you may provide, and recommends that you consult directly with your respective dental board.




  • Understand the Science and Fundamentals of Lasers

  • Describe the Science behind Photobiomodulation (PBM)

  • Incorporate the many clinical applications of Photobiomodulation

  • Integrate Photobiomodulation immediately into your practice

  • Demonstrate the understanding of facial and TMD pain, and how to incorporate PBM as treatment

  • Describe how to reduce opioid nd pain medication use by implementing Photobiomodulation as a pain management strategy

  • Integrate PBM treatment for periodontics. hygiene and PDT

  • Illustrate the importance of PBM treatment for the prevention and decrease of Oral Mucositis and other chemotherapy side effects

  • Identify PBM as a strategy for faster orthodontic treatment with reduced pain

  • Recognize PBM treatment in would healing

  • Demonstrate effective use of  your surgical laser for PBM treatment

  • How to choose the right device for me                                                                                    


The Academy of Laser Dentistry is the premier, unbiased laser educational organization in the world. This opportunity is for those that are interested in obtaining the Academy of Laser Dentistry Standard Level Certification in Photobiomodulation. The Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Part 2: Hands-on Course is on May 8, 2021 with your course instructors, Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Arun Darbar and Dr. Mel Burchman. Here is how to complete all 3 parts to obtain your certification!


The Standard Level Course is a 3-Part Certification Course.  Components of the Standard Level Course are:

PART 1:  Foundations in Laser Dentistry (Available through the Academy of Laser Dentistry). 

Foundations in Laser Dentistry is a self-paced, digital learning program. This is a foundation course which dental practitioners need to fully understand laser use and get the most out of their dental laser experiences.  It includes a comprehensive overview and basic understanding of laser devices, laser tissue interactions, emission modes and safety and operation of dental lasers.  Part 1 Foundations in Laser Dentistry is the first step in learning about dental lasers. It includes 5 chapters, each with a Q & A assessment following each chapter.

  • Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Light

  • Chapter 2 - Production of Light

  • Chapter 3 - Laser Tissue and Laser Material Interactions

  • Chapter 4 - Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry

  • Chapter 5 - Laser Safety in Dentistry

We suggest that you complete Part 1 "prior" to attending your Part 2 Hands-on course.
You will have unlimited access to this course for 90 days from the date of your hands-on course (Part 2) to access and successfully complete.

PART 2:  Hands-on Training at Virtual Photobiomodulation Symposium, 8 CEU on November 6, 2021. REGISTER HERE.
Available through Dental CE Academy and G.M.A. Laser Education (ALD Registered Trainers).


PART 3: Standard Level Online Exam(timed 1-hour exam with 75 multiple choice questions) – 1 CEU

Available through Academy of Laser Dentistry. 


In order to successfully complete ALD’s Dental Laser Standard Level Course for certification, all 3 parts must be successfully completed within 90 days of your Part 2: Virtual Hands on Course held on November 6, 2021.

Your Next Step to complete the Academy of Laser Dentistry's Standard Level Certification
After you have registered and paid the $250 Fee for the PBM Virtual Hands-On 1-Day Course that will be held on November 6, 2021:

  • Register and pay the additional $275 Fee for the ALD Certification Portion, REGISTER HERE.

The $275 Standard Level Certification Fee Includes: Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry Online Course (6 CEU), Part 3: Standard Level Online Exam (1 CEU) and a 1-Year Complimentary ALD Membership.  

Important Note: We suggest that you complete Part 1 PRIOR to attending your Part 2: Hands-on Course.  

Course Information:
You will need the below Hands-on course information readily available to register for the certification portion. 

Part 2 Hands On Course Instructor: Dr. Gerry Ross, Dr. Arun Darbar and Dr. Mel Burchman   

Part 2 Course Date: November 6, 2021
Part 2 Course Location: Dental CE Academy

Part 2 Course Code: 130-12-110621

Purchase the Standard Level Certification Course HERE.

Click “Add to Cart”


Click “Check Out”


You will be asked to Create an Account to complete your order. After you have created your account, click on “Create Account”


Fill out the payment information and click on “Submit”


Click on “My Learning” to be brought to the Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry Online Course, read the Welcome Message and click on “End Tour”.

In a few minutes, refresh your screen and you will see the ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course in the course tab.  

Click on the course to begin Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry.  The course will start with the Welcome Section and bring you through each of the 5 online chapters.  At the end of each chapter is an assessment.  You must successfully complete each chapter and assessment before moving on to the next chapter.  


Once you have completed all 5 chapters you can click on the tab that says CE Verification Letter and you will be able to immediately print your CE letter containing 6 CEU credits. Enjoy the course!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Donna Rell at donna@laserdentistry.org OR by calling 954.346.3776.



Contact: Donna Rell at 954.346.3776