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PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Orlando Speaker, Dr. Diana Batoon on the Paradigm Shift Toward Total Health and Wellness

Laser dentistry plays an important role as part of this assessment of a child’s airway.

ParadigmShiftTowardTotalHealthandWellness By Diana Batoon, DMD
Bonita Dental, Scottsdale, AZ

What’s different about dentistry nowadays? Besides the advancement of technology, the concepts of total dental health and how it is closely associated with our medical health is becoming very apparent. There is a paradigm shift in dentistry to call for action upon dental professionals. In today’s society, there is an increasing number of children where airway plays a significant role. Their airway is directly affecting their growth and development. In addition, this direct relationship affects their craniofacial growth, behavior, cognitive development and sleep cycle. Medical research supports the data that sleep apnea occurs in 1-3% of children. Even though this percentage is small, mouth-breathing can cause sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD) and is more common than we think. As Dentists, we should feel empowered to identify dental-related conditions that are contributing to a restricted airway.A vaulted palate, crossbite, narrow arches or improper jaw relationships are all signs of an affected airway.

Laser dentistry plays an important role as part of this assessment of a child’s airway. More specifically, frenectomies can aid in establishing a more healthier breathing pattern. Frenectomies, when accompanied by myofunctional therapy or other adjunct therapies, can aid in strengthening the tongue muscle. The therapy can help train the child to ensure a proper swallow, correct improper speech patterns and train the child to breathe properly through the nose. Proper inspiration and exhalation involves the proper use of our diaphragm to help expand the thoracic cavity. If assessment and diagnosis of mouth-breathing are present, the frenum may show restriction of movement or low tongue-position. A healthy airway requires nasal breathing and proper oxygen during REM sleep cycle.

There are many other factors that can contribute the condition of SRBD. Diet, nutrition, genetic predisposition and medical conditions can all play a vital role in a healthy airway

Participate in the session to gain insight on how these things are possible. Dr. Batoon is presenting her session the ALD Conference in April on Saturday afternoon, April 28, 2018.

Diana Batoon
[ Bonita Dental ]
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