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Texas Laser Use Requires CE for Dentists and Hygienists

TSDBE Amendment Voted June 2015 Requires CE

By Gail Siminovsky CAE [ ALD Executive Director ] 2015-07-27

Lasers and Dental Hygiene: The State of the Issue in Texas

The usage of lasers by dental hygienists has become an issue of contention in the state of Texas.

Joshua Austin DDS FAGD and Colleen Olson RDH 2015-05-28

2016 Call for Abstracts

Share your knowledge and expertise with the dental profession. Take part in the Lasers in Dentistry event of the year!

ALD Staff 2015-05-22

Is Your Social Media Marketing Foundation Weak?

A faulty foundation is the reason for your weak social media marketing results.

Michael Cudahy [ Founder of Big Brand Boost a marketing and branding partner. ] 2015-03-18

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