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Source 2004

Source 2004The Academy of Laser Dentistry Holds Highly Successful Conference

Palm Springs, California - March 3 - 6, 2004
Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells

The Academy of Laser Dentistry’s held Source 2004: Lasers in Dentistry, the Eleventh Annual Conference and Exhibition, March 3-6 at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, Palm Springs, California.

Source 2004Over 400 conference registrants from over 18 different countries attended this year’s conference. This international group of leading clinicians, academicians and researchers met to excange ideas and to advance their knowledge in the technological and clinical fields of lasers in dentistry. The conference presented many opportunities – for experienced laser practitioners and those newly interested in learning about this technology – to learn about and share information about the safe and effective uses of dental laser technology for patient care.

Source 2004Two pre-conference days were set aside for the Academy’s Laser Certification program, which includes both Standard Proficiency and Advanced Proficiency.

Source 2004This year’s conference had forty-two (42) Standard level participants and thirty (30) Advanced participants. The Standard Proficiency course presented an ideal opportunity for laser newcomers to start the conference with a broad overview of laser dentistry and laser physics.

Thunder Bear Native American dancers and Raven brought a spirit of the land and nature of the area to the Opening Ceremonies. Attendees from all over the world appreciated the readings of Raven and the treat of seeing fancy dancers of all ages. Jim Melton, PhD in his presentation “Challenge the Limits” allowed attendees to focus on pushing the limits of being all we can be as individuals and leading a full life.

Source 2004The Academy was proud to welcome this year’s keynote speaker, John D.B. Featherstone, MSc, PhD, University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry whose presentation, “The Science and Practice of Caries Prevention” began the module Lasers in Caries Diagnosis and Restoration. Dr. Robert J. Jones was the first recipient of the Academy’s Dr. Eugene Seidner Student Scholarship Award.

Conference attendees also had the opportunity to view vendor exhibits and attend the Exhibitors’ Showcase, Workshops and Seminar Series to learn about the latest technological advancements within the rapidly evolving field of lasers and high-tech dentistry. For a more intimate educational experience, 120 conference attendees participated in the Breakfast and Learn program. The discussions amongst peers were stimulating and rewarding for all who participated.

Source 2004Conference registrants were extremely pleased by both the surroundings and the facilities at the Renaissance Esmeralda. When not participating in general sessions or visiting the exhibitors, attendees participated in golf tournaments, group outings and a variety of local tours. A wonderful mix of social activities coupled with the educational programming created an unforgettable experience in Palm Springs.

The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) is an international organization devoted to laser dentistry and includes clinicians, academicians and researchers in all laser wavelengths. The Academy is devoted to clinical education, research, and the development of standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of dental laser technology. ALD was founded in 1993, with the merging of the International Academy of Laser Dentistry, the North American Academy of Laser Dentistry and the American Academy of Laser Dentistry.

Source 2004The 12th Annual ALD Conference & Exhibition, April 6-9, 2005 will be at the New Orleans Marriot in New Orleans, Louisiana. Register today at or by phoning toll free 1-877-LASERS6 (1-877-527-3776)

The conference is open to all interested dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, business staff, dental researchers, educators and industry representatives. Continuing dental education credit is available for all eligible participants. The Academy of Laser Dentistry is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider and an AGD Accepted National Sponsor (FAGD/MAGD Credit). Information regarding next year’s conference is available by contacting the Academy or visiting our web site at (the web site also features information on Academy membership and laser dentistry).


"It's great that there is an unbiased org out there so we can get the real scoop on lasers. Thank you ALD for being there to help us grow in the right direction."
Larry Lieberman, DDS, Palm Harbor, Florida

Source 2004"My experiences each day led me to believe that laser dentistry would rejuvenate me and the patients that I serve. I literally stepped through the looking glass into a new and very exciting world of dentistry. I am so glad that I have joined the ALD and I hope that I can give back to the academy some day that which has started me on a new and exciting journey."
Nick Luizzi, DDS, Encino, California

"As a first-time attendee at the ALD Source meeting, I was distinctly impressed with the quality of the program. The speakers were knowledgeable, prepared, and had actual science behind statements and opinions. To find laser dentistry information without the marketing hype is special and unusual. I definitely plan on returning for the future!"
Stephen Durbin, DDS, Ennis, Texas

"The persons in the forefront are setting this trend and these meeting allow us to access them directly. Had a wonderful time and learned a lot that I have already applied."
Lawrence Villareal, DDS, Pasadena, California

Source 2004"This past session in Palm Springs was an incredible eye-opener for me. This was a very sharing group of doctors from all over the world giving much different perspectives of treatment. I will definitely be present for the 2005 ALD in New Orleans and look forward to revisiting the new friends I met this past year."
Samuel Moss, DDS, Lafayette, Louisiana

"El congreso de la ALD en Palm Springs me ha dado la gran oportunidad de obtener, afianzar y compartir conocimientos acerca de la tecnología láser, ya que al incorporar dicha tecnología a nuestras consultas de odontología general debemos optimizar al máximo nuestra técnica para buscar un mayor grado de eficacia y así ofrecer a nuestros pacientes tratamientos seguros y sin el menor riesgo."
Dr. Alberto Trigás Damián, Ourense, Spain

Source 2004"There was a large sense of fellowship displayed that I have not seen at many other meetings similar in size and scope. I truly felt "at home" and that made the meeting more enjoyable. All in all a very good meeting! One of the best have ever personally attended and I look forward to the next one."
David Brant, DDS, Fargo, North Dakota

"What impressed me was the international composition of registrants that I was unaware of. I was also impressed with the quality of the papers presented and the enthusiasm of those participating. I have already paid for next years Conference in New Orleans. Thank you!"
Robert Hawke, DDS, Tucson, Arizona

"The selection of hands-on, mini-clinics, learning at breakfast, and exhibitors' sessions were too numerous to choose from but very worthwhile. It makes you want to be able to clone yourself to attend them all."
Andrew Shearon, DDS, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Source 2004"I have used a dental laser in my office for about fifteen years and recently purchased a new one. At the ALD meeting I not only found quite a few very informative classes, but I was able to spend time talking to some very helpful people who were happy to share what they knew of this wavelength and their experience in using it. Since I returned I have fired up my laser every single day and used it with increasing success."
Karen Cheek, DDS, Diamondville, WY

"I felt it was important to accomplish several things at the meeting: earn my Standard Proficiency Certificate; network with other dentists using lasers in their practices and benefit from their experiences; and hear papers on current topics in laser dentistry research. I was able to complete all three of those goals in a friendly, enthusiastic, and educational atmosphere--and to get in a little golf!"
Joe Simmons III, DDS, Farmington, New Mexico

Source 2004"I could have spent another day learning more about lasers in general because there really is so much to learn in this field. The remainder of the meeting presented new thoughts and concepts, opening my mind to new treatments and possibilities. Isn't that what CE is all about? I found the membership and organization to be incredibly warm and friendly, and an organization I will be a part of for years to come."
Lou Graham, DDS, Chicago, IL

"This was my first attendance of the ALD meeting and was impressed that the first person I saw introduced himself and me to others there. I felt like I belonged right away. While I knew something about the laser physics of other wavelengths, it was an eye opener to hear what they were using their lasers for. I can't wait for the next one."
Lee Allen, DDS, Everett, Washington

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