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ALD Webinar Series - Oxygen is Key to Improve Patient Health

September Webinar with Tanya Dunlap, PhD - Oxygen is Key to Improve Patient Health

What Does Oxygen Have to Do with Lasers?
Since the most damaging oral bacteria can’t thrive in oxygen, they don’t have a chance to morph and colonize between laser treatments. That’s why topical oxygen therapy is the perfect adjunct to laser therapy.

Seven Useful Takeaways
During this webinar, Tanya will review the following:
  • The science behind this topical oxygen therapy
  • The efficacy of RX custom trays in administering oxygen therapy
  • Why it is an alternative to antibiotics
  • Example of positive results when used in conjunction with laser therapy
  • How to implement in your laser practice
  • The oral-systemic links addressed by effectively managing oral biofilm
  • There will also be a live Q&A after this presentation
This CE webinar is appropriate for the entire dental team.
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ALD Staff 2019-08-26
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