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Why Blog? An Introduction to the ALD Blog

Whether it’s the power to grow your practice or improve the quality of care for your patients - ALD’s new blog will provide practical information to help you gain the knowledge to make this a reality.

Knowldege is Power. That’s why we are starting our ALD blog.

Whether it’s the power to grow your practice, the power to improve the quality of care for your patients, or the power of tapping into the experience and expertise of our skilled community of dental laser practitioners – ALD’s new blog will provide practical information to help you gain the knowledge to make this a reality.

Our blog will make it easier for dentists to discover new information about dental lasers, share their dental experiences for improved patient care, and learn from each other’s daily experiences. Our blog will provide patients with easy to understand information about laser technology; we even want to share patient’s experiences. Patient education on the value of dental lasers is a foundational step in the long-term success of lasers in dentistry. Our blog is intended to broaden the knowledge base about the effective use of lasers for improved patient care.

A recent ALD survey indicated there is more we can provide dentists to make it easier to educate patients. In the blog we will develop information on laser procedures/applications, materials for patient education, laser dentistry facts for the public, info on practice marketing, laser equipment new purchase considerations, clinical studies, local training/study group support, more online materials, webinars, and FAQ insurance support.

Readers can expect blog content to include marketing tips, fact sheets, Q & A’s, clinical tips and techniques, short stories, resources for patients, resources for dentists, leadership tips, communication how-to’s and team-building techniques for staff. We will develop and provide the language dentists can use to educate patients. We will provide a step-by-step system to inform patients. In addition to ALD’s patient education brochures for sale, we will add materials such as printable PDFs, videos, and educational content to post on your website.

We’ll be sharing with you ways to educate your patients about the benefits of laser dentistry and how these laser procedures reduce the occurrences of the things they fear, like pain, blood, the need for needles and more. We will then share with you how to best train your staff to help educate your patients, lessen their anxieties and drastically improve their experience when they visit your office.

Here’s what you can expect in the first few weeks of our blog:
  • Dental Phobia and how lasers can help
  • FAQs about lasers for patients
  • Misconceptions about dental lasers
  • About ALD as a resource
  • State regulations and lasers
  • An overview of lasers for dentists
  • An overview of lasers for patients
Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, network with your peers, or keep up to date and informed on the latest developments in the field of laser dentistry, there’s no more powerful partner than ALD to help you achieve your goals! We welcome any specific topics you’d like to see us address. Share your thoughts.

Call me or send an email. Now, let’s have fun with this!

Gail Siminovsky, CAE

Gail Siminovsky CAE
[ Executive Director ]