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ALD Announces Peri-Implantitis Track

We are dedicating an entire learning track to peri-implantitis at the ALD 2017 Conference. The sessions will feature experts in the field of lasers in dentistry and take place Saturday, April 8.

At the ALD 2017 Conference, the ALD is dedicating an entire learning track to implantology and periodontology. One focus for the peri-implantitis discussion is culling case studies, protocols, and scientific studies to begin discussions aimed to develop an agreed upon protocol based upon relevant scientific data. We invite you to be part is this discussion. The ALD Annual Conference provides science-based education for professionals who currently utilize lasers and those interested in incorporating lasers into their practice. The educational programs focus on the safe and effective use of lasers in dentistry.

The peri- implantitis sessions, to be held on Saturday, April 8, will feature top speakers from each major laser user and how they treat this disease.

  • Each clinician will demonstrate cases on how they use light energy for treatment.
  • Clinicians will give scientific data or research to prove efficacy of treatment.
  • Clinicians will come together to find commonality.
View the complete line-up of peri-implantitis session speakers here.

ALD Staff 2016-12-29