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Five Things You Should Know About Lasers Before You Buy

You've been thinking about a dental laser. You have seen the buyers’ guides, read some articles in the dental publications, maybe attended a laser lecture or two at a dental convention. What you have learned so far has impressed you, and you are beginning to get serious about acquiring a laser device for your office. Here are five important things to know before buying.

Terry D. Myers DDS and John G. Sulewski MA 2016-03-08

The Importance of Continuing Education in Dentistry

Advances in technology and information are constantly putting dentists at risk of falling behind if they don’t keep up. As a dentist, these constant changes challenge you to learn new ways to improve patient care.

Gail Siminovsky CAE [ ALD Executive Director ] 2016-02-10

Hotel Rates: Why Is It So Important to Book Through the ALD Designated Methods?

Staying at the ALD Conference hotel supports the efforts of both ALD and the hotel to conduct a successful meeting.

Gail Siminovsky CAE [ ALD Executive Director ] 2015-12-22

Laser Safety in the Dental Office

As lasers become more and more popular as an adjunct therapy for the non-surgical management of periodontal disease, dentists and hygienists are searching for quality education to ensure they are maximizing the benefit of lasers while ensuring the safety of the patient and the dental team.

By Jan LeBeau RDH BS [ Chair of Dental Hygiene Pacific Dental Services Co-Chair of Laser Safety ] 2015-09-30

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