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ALD Participates in OSAs PBM Incubator

Gail Siminovsky, ALD Executive Director, participates in a panel discussion at the OSA Photobiomodulation Incubator in Washington, DC.


The OSA (Optical Society) held its second Photobiomodulaiton (PBM) Incubator in Washington, DC August 31-September 1, 2015. The participants included researchers, clinicians, industry leaders and representatives from government agencies. The purpose of the incubator was to delve into discussions about the future of PBM in healthcare, the future of light-based technology and its application in areas such as ophthamology, cognitive functions, wound healing, and sports medicine. ALD’s executive director, Gail Siminovsky, took part as a panelist along with David Ozar PhD, Loyola University Chicago and Scot Faulkner, Kinexum Pharmaceuticals to discuss “the ethical, organizational and leadership issues facing PBM.” Discussions also included the hurdles facing the PBM community, the potential growth for clinical applications and the importance of the proper use of the technology.

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