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Hotel Rates: Why Is It So Important to Book Through the ALD Designated Methods?

Staying at the ALD Conference hotel supports the efforts of both ALD and the hotel to conduct a successful meeting.


When you reserve a guest room and stay at the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) conference hotel, at the ALD-established guest room rate, you support the efforts of both ALD and the hotel to conduct a successful meeting, which requires use of extensive hotel meeting space and hotel staff over several days. Many convention booking terms and hotel concessions to ALD are negotiated based upon ALD attendee use of hotel guest rooms. This is true of all meeting planning throughout our profession and throughout the meetings- and convention-planning world.

Attendees booking through the ALD-designated channels are supporting the meeting and the ALD. Note also that smaller, often lower-rated hotels could not possibly hold the ALD meeting. They do not have the meeting space, catering facilities, or the number of guest rooms needed. Discount rates at hotels available through Priceline ® or ® and similar services, are for individual travelers who are not attending meetings and thus do not use hotel meeting space or hotel meeting set-up personnel. The ALD negotiates to provide the lowest possible group rates, while at the same time negotiating with hotels to minimize the meeting costs and related registration fees. These fees, if charged to ALD, would typically range from $40,000 to $75,000. ALD and the hotel arrive at a contractual agreement that specifies a certain number of hotel guest rooms will be utilized by ALD attendees; if the number of guest rooms reserved through the ALD does not meet that number, then the hotel costs for conducting the ALD conferences are substantially higher.

If you reserve at the convention hotel as an individual traveler (meaning your reservation is not at the ALD group rate), then you are just that - an individual traveler.

Hotels offer a few rooms at discounts to individual travelers, especially when not all rooms have been sold out in advance. A hotel would not offer all of their rooms at discount rates, much as an airline would not sell all of their seats at the lowest rates. Nor would a hotel contract a group at deeply discounted rates a year or more in advance of a meeting. Groups must, of course, book meetings well in advance in order to plan for the meeting. When the hotel has meeting business booked in advance, the hotel may then wish to sell the remaining unreserved rooms at whatever rate it can. If demand is high, the rate may be high; if demand is low, then the rate may be deeply discounted. For these reasons, meeting rates at hotels may not necessarily be the lowest rates. In any case, attendees at any meeting should always reserve at the meeting hotel, and at the group rates as established for the meeting.

You've Spoken and We Listened

The ALD 2016 meeting in Orlando, Florida, negotiated hotel rates are lower than previous ALD annual conference meetings - $189.00 at the fabulous Caribe Royale All Suites Hotel and Convention Center.

Plus, ALD, in negotiations with the Caribe, has been offered an incentive to finalize the booking. The Caribe has agreed to credit a portion of the guest room charges to ALD to the costs of conducting the meeting at the hotel; a great benefit to ALD as a result of hotel guest room use.

Plus, plus, your hotel stay, when reserved according to ALD rules, is rewarded with a substantial discount ($250.00) to you on your ALD convention registration. Should you stay elsewhere, or stay at the convention hotel, but at non- ALD reserved rooms and rates (for example, at a discount or vacation package you might find online), the ALD convention registration discount will not apply. However, local attendees who do not require hotel accommodations may take advantage of this same discount. Contact the ALD office for more information.

ALD rules for making hotel reservations for the annual conference:

  • Reserve at and through ONLY the Caribe Royale, being sure to say that you are attending the ALD convention. This is the ALD stated method.
  • Your guest room rate is the ALD $189.00 group rate which includes meeting space.
  • This means you may not reserve through other discount online methods, or at other discount programs, or at other hotels.

ALD and the Caribe, working together, provide a  hotel link for making reservations and a hotel reservations phone number. Whether reserving online or by phone, reserve only under the ALD Meeting online or by telephone at 888-258-7501 or 407-238-8000. Thank you in advance for understanding and supporting our hotel contract negotiation details, which you may not have known before. A lot goes into planning all dental meetings and my intention with this particular message is to bring you more 'in the know' as a meeting attendee. Our goal is to provide a valuable educational conference for your own advancement of laser knowledge, while taking into account a vast array of meeting planning essentials. See you in Orlando!

Gail Siminovsky CAE
[ ALD Executive Director ]

ALD 2019

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