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How Dental Lasers Can Grow Your Practice

The landscape of today’s dental industry is rapidly evolving. Dental professionals are looking for technology investments that not only keep them current, but are able to drive significant practice growth.


Innovative tools like digital x-ray, Cone Beam and CAD/CAM systems all help contribute to this common goal, but advancements in dental lasers now drive growth for a practice like no other technology in the market. The key differentiator – laser systems can be utilized for nearly every patient on a daily basis.

Improved Efficiency

Dental lasers can drive practice growth many ways, one of which is increased efficiency.

It has been demonstrated, for instance, that dentists utilizing a CO2 dental laser with a 9.3 µm wavelength routinely perform three or more additional procedures per day. This increase in efficiency results from the elimination of anesthesia and bleeding in the vast majority of procedures. Dentists can now save time (without sacrificing quality of care) by not having to inject patients or wait for them to get numb.

Removing anesthesia also lets dentists work in multiple quadrants in a single appointment, fill cavities the same day that they are discovered during hygiene visits and avoid follow-up appointments for bite adjustments as patients are able to feel their bite after the tooth is restored.

New Procedures Performed Within Your Practice

The lack of anesthesia, blood, sutures and minimal post-operative discomfort enable dentists to perform procedures such as frenectomies, fibroma removals to exposures, crown lengthenings and much more.

New procedures involving soft and osseous tissue can be added to a dentist’s repertoire that would previously have been referred out or untreated. Many of these procedures can even be performed during the same visit as hard tissue work, increasing revenue growth without having to add a second appointment.

More New Patients

The improved patient experience that lasers provide is another major driver of practice growth.

Many patients hear that they need dental work done and immediately feel uneasy. This anxiety usually stems from their fear of the needle and anesthesia, along with the noise of the drill and its uncomfortable vibrations. These factors have caused nearly one third of Americans to avoid the dentist each year.

Dental lasers are now arguably the best tool we have for ridding patients of their dental phobias. If dental practices can take the fear out of going to the dentist by removing the needle, pain and noise in the majority of procedures the improved patient experience for both hard and soft tissue procedures can be dramatic.

And, yes, at the risk of repeating ourselves, when lasers are used to reduce the elements that cause fear in patients, significant growth in both retention and new patient traffic is the outcome.


The One Critical Success Factor

Any laser that can cut hard and soft tissue can be used without anesthesia or bleeding some of the time. The key to success is to be able to use it without anesthesia or bleeding for nearly all every procedure performed.

The downfall of lasers in the past has been that the average dentist could only work without anesthesia 20 to 40 percent of the time. This is not good enough because you never know which patient will experience pain. This resulted in a majority of lasers being used as plant stands and coat racks.

The latest computer controlled, CO2 technology however, is now so reliable that dentists routinely report using it without anesthesia on more than 95 percent of their hard and soft tissue work. That makes it reliable enough to use on virtually every patient every day and easy enough that dentists are adding tens of new procedures to their repertoire. With these kind of results, dentists are experiencing the growth they want out of laser investments.

The reality is every dentist is unique in what they want out of their technology investments. Practices that promote the benefits of laser dentistry and demonstrate their ability to deliver virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free laser treatments are experiencing significant practice growth.

If your end goal is to increase efficiency, boost patient referrals, add new procedures, improve the quality of care you provide and substantially increase annual revenue – a dental laser is a safe and smart investment.

Author Biography

Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental, is a seasoned entrepreneur/CEO. He founded, funded, built and sold MediVation Inc. to McKesson Corp. in 2000 and served as an investor, advisor and/or board member in several healthcare-oriented startups. He has over 30 years of experience in healthcare technology companies.

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