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ALD Recognized Course Providers

The Academy of Laser Dentistry initially launched the process for renewal and recognition of dental laser course providers in October 1999. This process follows the standards of education set forth in the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education. In March 2002, June 2004, January 2007 and May 2012, the Education Committee of the Academy revised the Procedure for Renewal and Recognition of Dental Laser Education Providers and Teaching Faculty to provide current educational standards for the safe and effective uses of dental lasers. The 2012 Policies and Procedures Manual is under review by the 2015-16 ALD Education Committee, with a 2016 update expected. 

This review of course materials is important to insure that the teaching faculty in a Standard Course meet the educational goals of the Guidelines, since successful completion of a Standard Course defines the minimum standard of proficiency for dental practitioners to use lasers. Moreover, only a certificate from an Academy-recognized Standard Proficiency Course can be used to make application for the Advanced Proficiency examination. An applicant who has taken a non-recognized course would not be accepted.

ALD members who have obtained Advanced Proficiency are eligible to become ALD recognized Standard Proficiency course providers.  Members seeking to become course providers should submit their course documentation directly to the Academy for review by the Education Committee. The committee reviews the submission and makes one of two determinations: Recognized and Not Recognized.  

For additional information on the Policies and Procedures for the Acdemy of Laser Dentistry Recognized Standard Proficiency Dental Laser Course Provider Program May 2012 please contact the Academy with a written request to  The Policies and Procedures are available to eligible ALD members.

The following is a list of Recognized Standard Proficiency Course Providers

Recognition as an ALD recognized Dental Laser Standard Proficiency Course Provider is valid for three years.  During the three year recognition Providers are required to adhere to all of the policies and procedures indicated in the May 2012 revision.

Recognized Course Providers have fulfilled the rigorous task meeting the standards set forth in the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education. Participants in these courses having successfully passed both written and clinical simulation examinations are considered to have participated in Standard Proficiency continuing education and certification. Participants have an opportunity to join the Academy of Laser Dentistry, but membership is not required. Successful participants are eligible for recognition directly from the Academy of Laser Dentistry with membership.

Recognized Course Providers - 2017
(updated 4/24/2017)

Mel Burchman, DDS
Langhorne, PA

Stu Coleton, DDS
Chappaqua, NY

William Gianni, DDS
Berkeley, CA

John Graeber, DMD
East Hanover, NJ

Charles Hoopingarner, DDS
Houston, TX

Rishita Jaju, DMD
Reston, VA

Shelly Kassam, BDS LDS RCS
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Omar Kassam, BDS LDS RCS
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Gabi Kesler, DDS
Tel Aviv, Israel

Larry Kotlow, DDS
Albany, NY

Edward R. Kusek, DDS
Sioux Falls, SD

Mitchell A. Lomke, DDS
Olney, MD

Gloria E. Monzon, RDH
San Jose, CA

Peter Rechmann, Prof. Dr. med. dent.
UCSF School of Dentistry San Francisco, California

David M. Roshkind, DMD
Gainesville, FL

Gerald Ross, DDS
Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

Mary Lynn Smith, RDH
McPherson, KS

Angie Wallace, RDH
Tulsa, OK


ALD Policies

Academy of Laser Dentistry Disclaimer on Protocols and Opinions

The views expressed and opinions and materials presented during a presentation represent the personal views and opinions of the individual speakers and do not necessarily represent the views and  opinions of the Academy of Laser Dentistry.  The Education Committee of the Academy of Laser Dentistry may review content only as it relates to topics within the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education.  The Academy of Laser Dentistry assumes no responsibility for the content of the presentations made by individual speakers pertaining to protocols for laser treatment.  Any suggested protocols for treatment may be based upon the speakers’ own clinical experience and should not be construed as Academy of Laser Dentistry recommended protocols.

Disclosure Policy Regarding Dual Commitment and Conflicts of Interests

Disclosure of Unlabeled and /or Investigational Product Usage or Noncompliance with Manufacturer’s Directions for Use

Policy on Accuracy of Information about Commercial Products

AntiTrust Compliance Policies